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The Ave Vox Entertainment Film division focuses on the development and the production of story-driven dramas, thrillers, and documentaries. Drawing on talent across the west coast, the film division works in conjunction with the music division for soundtracking and all post audio work for not only Ave Vox Entertainment properties, but others. From script authorship to color correction to titles, graphics and animations, the Ave Vox Film division prides itself on its in-house shoot-to-shelf capabilities.

We regret that the Ave Vox Entertainment Film division is unable to accept unsoliticted script submissions.   


Title: Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting
Company: Ave Vox Entertainment
Production: Full
Genre: Paranormal Documentary
Running time: 156 mins
Director: Danielle Egnew
Producers: Danielle Egnew and Jennifer Sherwin
Website: www.MontgomeryHouseHaunting.com


Dubbed “the REAL Paranormal Activity” on CNN and Hollywood Today, Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting is the unnerving true story of one of America’s most tortured haunted locations, exposed in this riveting paranormal documentary. Packed with paranormal evidence and drenched in disturbing history, the film is directed by internationally renowned Psychic / Medium Danielle Egnew (co-founder  of The Western Pacific Paranormal Alliance) and co-executive produced by Jenny Sherwin (aka “Sheena Metal”- LA Talk Radio). Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting delves into the taboo world of the spiritual realm, revealing the individual ingredients that come together to birth a terrifying haunting of this magnitude. Psychic Danielle Egnew works closely with local Native American tribal leaders, historians, a psychologist, two reputable paranormal investigation groups, as well as first-hand paranormal accounts from local townsfolk, B & B guests, and more, to bring the twisted secrets and complicated identity of Montgomery House into the light.  Filmed on location in three different states (Washington, Montana, and California) and containing the only Cowlitz Indian Death Ritual ever to be captured on film, Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting is an unnerving expose on what lurks in the space between what we recognize as truth, and what we choose to ignore.

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Title: Changing Spots
Company: Clear Pictures
Production: Soundtrack
Genre: Drama
Running time: 90 mins
Director: Susan Turley
Producers: Susan Turley, Lane West, Cynthia Rush
Website: www.ChangingSpotsMovie.com


Molly Brite (Lane West) may be a washed up, martini-soaked former child star, but things are finally looking up. Peg (Danielle Egnew) her ex-rocker partner of five years, is pregnant, and the director of a high profile film wants her for his star. But just when she thinks her days of auditioning for taco ads and wearing chicken suits are over, her personal and professional worlds begin to simultaneously unravel and the actress must confront the past. 

Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting
Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting film credits



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