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Vision is Everything

W e l c o m e

Ave Vox Entertainment is a Los Angeles based entertainment entity focused in the areas of generating content for film, television, multimedia applications and music. By bringing together quality audio, film, broadcast, and script development, Ave Vox Entertainment leaves a lasting mark across the varied landscape of the entertainment industry.

From concept to production to release, Ave Vox Entertainment carefully works with integrity and attention to the creative process to maximize timelines and control budgets. With the belief that fantastic content is designed by fantastic teams, Ave Vox Entertainment strives to enable the right people with the right tools in order to produce Messages That Last.

Ave Vox Music Group is the recorded music division of Ave Vox Entertainment. The Ave Vox Music Group labels contain a cumulative 26 individual artists across many genres. Ave Vox Music Group Los Angeles has provided soundtracking and music licensing services to Ave Vox Entertainment and other film, broadcast and web properties.

We welcome you.

"Imagination is important. But the vision to complete creation is everything."
-- Danielle Egnew, Owner / Founder 




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